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  • Our Boarder Pass Binbrook cable wakeboard park is located in the heart of the Binbrook Conservation Area just minutes outside of Hamilton. Here, people escape city life and connect with beautiful Lake Niapenco without ever having to go too far from home.  

  • No Boat? No Problem. With our "Sesitec System 2.0" cable system, we eliminate the need of a boat which opens up accessibility to wakeboarding for any community, while also having the added benefit of being environmentally sustainable.

  • Never tried wakeboarding? Our certified instructors will work with you to ensure you get up and riding on the water for your first visit. Make sure to ask about our BP Guarantee.

  • Looking to make a whole day out of your experience? In addition to the wakeboard cable park, Binbrook Conservation Area offers a beautiful swimming beach, picnic facilities, nature trails, SUP and kayak rentals, childrens splash pad, aqua park, and tree top trecking.

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Boarder Pass Cable Wakeboard Parks was founded by a group of riders with a passion for water sports and a love of the outdoors. We have made it our mission to share our passion with communities across Canada, and bring the thrill of outdoor water sports to as many people as we can.

Boarder Pass opened in Sarnia, ON in 2010 and was Canada's first linear cable wakeboard park facility. In nine years we have added two additional Ontario locations: Hamilton and Port Colborne. Each location operates during the summer months, providing water sports services to people of all ages and abilities. In addition to our parks we have created a successful events side of the company where we provide unique action sports events to communities across Ontario, in both the winter and summer. In 2019, we have become the largest national company of our kind, having introduced over 30,000 people to the sport of cable wakeboarding.​

why we do what we do...

Traditionally, the sport of wakeboarding and other outdoor water sports are inaccessible to a large portion of the Canadian population - they require expensive equipment, a powerboat, gas, insurance, and access to large bodies of water, and are typically reserved for lakeside communities and cottage regions, or for those who could afford to travel to these areas.

our mission

Our mission is to break down barriers of accessibility to wakeboarding and watersports 


and continue to grow and progress these sports in Canada. We know that water sports can and should be as accessible as a local community soccer field or baseball diamond.

Our facilities not only eliminate the need for a boat and give access to outdoor water sports to any community, they are environmentally sustainable too. The introduction of a cable wakeboarding system has even shown to increase oxygen levels in the surrounding water!


We strategically build our outdoor water sport and adventure parks close to urban communities to ensure they become outdoor recreation hubs.


what exactly is a cable wakeboarding park?​

Cable wakeboarding is very similar to boat wakeboarding, but rather than riders being pulled by a motorboat, they are pulled by a unique electric-powered cable system. Our state-of-the-art cable systems are designed by our industry partner Sesitec, and have revolutionized how accessible, affordable and enjoyable wakeboarding and waterskiing can be. With a Sesitec cable system, riders can experience a safe and controlled session in almost any size body of water.

Please watch the videos below from our industry friends at West Rock Wake Park for an in-depth look at how a cable park facility operates.

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Starting with the two founding partners Tim Nixon and Chris Smith, our Boarder Pass team has grown quite large. We consider ourselves very lucky to have over 16 passionate and hard-working certified instructors and industry experts who have been involved with the ongoing progression of wakeboarding for over 15 years. As a team and as a company we stand out by ensuring an incredible first time experience to all riders in a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere that has our guests returning each and every year!

Say hello to our bp binbrook team


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